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Faces Never Forgotten

The Kansas American Legion has joined the member newspapers of the Kansas Press Association in an effort to retrieve missing photographs of Kansas veterans for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation project, "Faces Never Forgotten."

When KPA began the project, 265 photographs of soldiers killed in the Vietnam War had not been located of approximately 627 Kansas who died in the war. So far, Kansas newspapers and friends have retrieved more than 40 of the missing pictures.

The photos are being collected to complete an electronic "Wall of Faces" in the new education center at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

"We are asking American Legion members and their families to help locate these pictures," said Doug Anstaett, KPA executive directors. If you have access to any of the pictures on the list and can scan them, then all you have to do is email them to Emily Bradbury at KPA at She will handle it from there.

You may view the gallery in progress at:

To view a list of the Kansans whose photographs are still missing, go to to view alphabetically by name and to to view alphabetically by hometown.

The names of soldiers already found are listed as well, and that list will be updated regularly.

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